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Hire Photocopier

Photocopier Rental - Full range from Desktop to High Production
Save Money by Renting a Copier
Photocopier rental doesn't just prevent a large outlay of capital to purchase equipment. It can also help prevent costly repair bills. When you rent the equipment, as long as you take reasonable care of it and the leasing company finds no signs of neglect or abuse, they're responsible for repairs. That's why renting equipment can seem like a high cost to pay for something you don't own. But when you figure in the cost of repairs on equipment that you own, the wisdom of renting becomes apparent. Photocopiers tend to break down with heavy use and need maintenance and repair. The rental company is responsible for those bills, not the renter.
If you're considering purchasing a photocopier and you would have to do so on credit, of course that means you won't be paying a large chunk for the equipment. But the interest you're paying each month by purchasing the equipment on credit is going to end up costing you much more than if you simply rent the equipment and pay for it the same number of months. Photocopier rental also allows you to upgrade the photocopier as needed, so you can have top quality like-new equipment at all times.
Q. What type of rental agreements do you have?
A. EsCom can tailor a rental program to meet your specific needs, from weekly to as long as you need it!
Q. Is there a minimum rental charge?
A. Yes, there is either a one week or one month minimum rental charge. If you use the equipment for less than the designated plan, your cost will be for the minimum period. If you use the equipment for more than the minimum rental period, your final usage will be prorated.
Q. What does your rental program include?
A. Copier, printer, service and supplies (excluding paper & staples). In addition, we provide FREE training on all copiers, printers and fax units we rent.
All of our copiers also INCLUDE print and scan features!!
Q. How many rental programs do you offer?
A. We offer two types of pricing programs.
  • Our first program includes a number of copies/prints in our base rental rate. If you exceed the allotted copies/prints, you are charged a per copy/print rate.
  • Our high volume copy program is our favorite for customers making over 30,000 copies/prints per month. Here you pay a base charge for the copier, and all copies/prints are charged at less than Rs.0.40.
Q. If we need service, how fast will your technician respond to our problem?
A. Our technician will call you immediately after receiving your service call. Thanks to digital copier technology, many times the problem can be fixed over the telephone. If we find that we need to come to your office for service, we will be there in 2-3 hours.
Q. Do you have a Service Response Guarantee?
A. Yes, we GUARANTEE to be at your office in 4 hours or less. If we fail to meet that commitment, EsCom will pay you Rs.200/hour we’re late.
Q. What if my copier is completely down and I have a deadline to meet?
A. Unfortunately there are times when a copier/printer will break down at the most inconvenient time. We understand there are times when you can’t wait for our technical support. EsCom will help defray outside copying/printing costs as long as it is approved by our office.
Q. If our copy/printer usage exceeds what we are using, can we upgrade?
A. Yes. EsCom has an equipment inventory of over Rs 500,000 to meet whatever our customer’s needs might be!
Q. How soon can I expect my copier(s) once I've decided what I need?
A. Although there are times we can deliver the same day, we can guarantee delivery the next day.
Q. What areas do you service?
A. We primarily service Delhi/NCR. We do however have other companies throughout the INDIA we can put you in contact with.
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